My name is Kathleen.  I live very near the center of the 48 States.  I am the middle sister of three, and we have four brothers as well.  We love our brothers, but this is a celebration of sisterhood:  its joys, pleasures, triumphs and complex relationships.  Ultimately, it is a tribute to the gift of sisterhood when it’s done right.

I turned 50 years old several years ago, and of course, I had a big party.  I am all about having fun while I can—and my sisters are too—because we learned the hard way that life is too short.  We all learned it in just one moment.  This blog wouldn’t exist without that lesson.

On March 4th, 2008, our parents died in a car accident.  They were driving  home the day after our grandmother’s funeral.

No worries, life is good—now. We have turned that black square on the calendar into March Forth.   Our goal is to spread the love, share the good vibes and dish out peace like it’s candy, only sweeter.  We give it away freely, then we make more.

I hate to brag on myself or my sisters, but we are experts on living through grief.  Even more important than that, and because of that, we are experts at living large after loss.  We’ve been there, and we’re back in the high life in a big way.  We know not all sisters are able to share peace and love among themselves, and I aim to show you how we do it.   There are many ways to do it right, and ours is but one.

The truth is, we really don’t have a choice.  Mom saw to that in The Letter she left to be read at her funeral, asking us to live lives of peace; creating and keeping it.   She was always prepared for whatever life brought, even death.   She had The Letter ready for years.

We will celebrate through our travels, trials and tribulations, our holidays, habits and history;   but ultimately through positivity and peace.  Grief, while it is now for us an ever-present docile beast, is still recognized as a force that can be managed and overcome in order to experience joy once again.  I will show you how we do it.


We come in peace, and we come in three pieces:

(Pictured left-right:  Suzanne-Gail-Kathleen)


1:  Gail—oldest sister at age 60, the highly capable acting matriarch of our family.  Be sure to read the blog post from her 60th Birthday Bash, Dance Like Gail’s Watching, February 23rd, 2020.

2: Me—Kathleen, age 53 already, classic middle sister and writer of this blog.

3:  Suzanne—youngest sister at age 49, sassy little sister—in a good way.

The picture above was taken on Thanksgiving Day 2016 at Gail’s home; she is our annual Thanksgiving hostess.  It is fitting because gratitude is something we cultivate for the gift of sisterhood, as well as the many other gifts we celebrate.

Hopefully, we can teach you thing or two as we continue to learn as well.  Thanks for coming along.