May The Fourth of June Be With You

I had a great post started for tonight. It was relevant to Gail and me, and Suzanne had already been there. I started it on my computer on a Word document, as I always do before I transfer it to my Word Press page. I sat down last night–Saturday–to finish it for posting Sunday night, and my computer started up, then fizzled. Dead. Completely dead.

I got the charger and plugged it in, which typically cranks it right up as it charges. No dice. Nothing. I let it sit and charge for awhile, but still, nothing.

With my limited tech skills, I deduced that the battery charger was dead.

My son just got his new computer a few days ago; his practical gift to himself with his graduation jack. He was in town with my husband, and I took the liberty of finding the charger in his room to use his instead. It was the same brand; surely it would work.

It didn’t fit.

So, like I always do when I am desperately in need of computer support, I go to my neighbor, our IT guy next door. Everyone should have one, and I know how lucky I am. He produced several chargers that were supposed to be universal, but again, no dice. He gave me (free) professional advice to purchase a new one at America’s Largest Retailer if I couldn’t wait a few days for Amazon to deliver, which I couldn’t.

So I called my son, and they were gracious enough to go to A.L.R., which wasn’t too torturous at 10:00 on a Saturday night. He found a charger with not one, but six different plugs for what should cover nearly every model. My brand was listed on the side, so surely we were good to go.

They arrived home around 10:30 and he got right to it, trying every plug.

No luck.

So, I have hijacked his new computer, using it more than he likely has in the two days he has owned it. His heart is huge, and he is happy to help. I had to start fresh on my Word Press page, as I couldn’t transfer a Word document from my dead computer.

The post I had started is relevant, but not time-sensitive, so it will wait.


So why this long story about a battery charger? Because it, too, is relevant.

When I took my almost-daily run this morning, I tried to think of a Plan B. I get good ideas when I run; my mind flows even more than my body does. As I stretched my legs and pounded the ground underneath my feet, I felt the energy build; I felt the ideas forming.

I go to great lengths to get this almost-daily run in; I have for just over 27 years. I need it. I need the flow. I need the energy. If I didn’t get it, I wouldn’t do it day after day. It is the fuel that powers my body. If I don’t run, nothing else runs well, either. So day after day, I run.

Just like getting my computer energized, it is a priority. My computer must have energy from the battery to run, and I recharge my body’s battery almost every day when I run.

We filled the car up with gas yesterday. Fuel to make it go, energy to make it run. I did bat an eye at the escalating gas prices, but I have never thought twice about spending whatever money is necessary to buy gas. I am fortunate, I realize some people must think twice, and perhaps forgo a trip because of this. I am grateful for this.

The computer charger. My daily run. Gas in the car. It’s all about energy.

Whether or not we realize it, we crave energy. Physical energy. Mental energy. Kinetic energy. Mechanical energy. Spiritual energy. It’s all about energy. Every force in the universe runs on energy of some form. Wars are even fought over energy, if you consider that the end product of petroleum from the oil-rich nations is gas, which we cannot live without in our culture, just as my gasoline purchase yesterday illustrates.

I have made it abundantly clear in previous posts that I crave sleep. I want to be rested to be energetic, and I prioritize it over many other things. I love an after-lunch nap when I can get it. It energizes me for the rest of the day. Suzanne loves sleep, too. Most of us do. Gail, however, can do with very little, but she is an exception. Sleep is the ultimate human battery charger.


Besides my blog posts, I post very little on Facebook. Every May 4th, however, I post one of my favorite greetings as a speech therapist. While I am not a huge Star Wars fan, I take this annual opportunity to extend this well-wish: May the Fourth Be With You.

This force, this energy, is the same life force we all crave in all the ways–and more–that I illustrated above.

No matter the day of the year, I wish you this energy. I wish you this force in everything you do. I wish you positive energy in all your interactions with other people, and I wish you the awareness and strength necessary to walk away from those who drain your positive energy.

I wish I had a working battery charger for my computer.

I wish I didn’t have to go to Plan B for this post, but I realize that life is not about how smoothly Plan A works out, but how well we cope with Plan B. Or Plan C, D or E…

May the Force Be With You every day, and may June the 4th be a great day for you.



Happy Anniversary to my in-laws, Norma and Marvin. They are celebrating 57 years of marriage on Sunday, June 3rd. They are a positive force in their family, and to anyone lucky enough to know them. When my parents died, they were supportive beyond words. I told Norma “I guess you have to be my parents now.”

She replied: “We always have been.”


Happy Birthday to Lindsay, the delightful wife of my delightful stepson. She celebrates another trip around the sun on Monday, June 4th. She, like my in-laws, is a positive force and I am blessed to be in this family with all of them.


I wrote several times about “James” and “Lucy,” a dear patient and his dear wife. James passed away this week, and my heart breaks for Lucy and for his family. May the forces of love and sympathy be with them.

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