Festive:  having or producing happy and enjoyable feelings suitable for a festival or other special occasion.

I spent the weekend at our small city’s annual festival of the arts, music, food and fun.  Thursday evening through late Sunday afternoon–just an hour ago as I write, I planted myself, along with my family and friends, for as much time as I possibly could in Kenwood Park at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas.

I was too busy having fun to think much about what to write about this week, and I realized that fun is a topic within itself.  Many of us–myself included, at times, don’t allow ourselves to experience the sights, sounds, flavors and feelings that make us feel happy, if not just for awhile.  And just for awhile is much better than not at all. 

This annual festival brings a bevy of sensory experiences to the park, serving as a homecoming of sorts for many former residents, and an annual summer tradition for many families like us.

Because I spent my free time this weekend being festive, I am not spending much time writing.  And, because shorter is sometimes sweeter, I will keep it just that way.

I continue to realize more as I age, that festive fun is an important ingredient for successful aging.  I’m only 53, so I may not be the expert that those older than me are, but here is what I know for certain about the topic:


1:  Music brings the spirit of fun out in most people.  It is a necessary ingredient in the mix for me.  The band is performing “Hey Jude,” one of my personal favorites.



2:  Eating too much tasty food is good for you once in awhile–and great fun.




3:  Artisans offer some of the most unique items for sale.  If you will regret leaving it behind, and you or your family won’t go hungry, then you probably should buy it.



4:  Not everyone will agree on what constitutes fun, and that’s okay.  Have your own breed of fun.  As our mom used to say, “If it feels good and it doesn’t break The 10 Commandments, do it!”



5:  Some sunshine is good for you.



6:  Get your face painted, or get that tattoo, whatever makes you happy.



7: Always be thankful for the liberty most of us have to exercise the right to have fun.



8:  Fun is more fun with friends.  Suzanne was there with me Thursday night, and Gail wasn’t in town this weekend.  Find your tribe, whether it’s family and/or friends.


Most importantly, you don’t need anyone else’s permissions except your own have fun.  Life is too short to NOT have fun, so get out there and have it!

4 thoughts on “HOW TO BE FESTIVE

  1. It was a good festival this year. How did we miss seeing you? Oh ya you probably didn’t hang out around the face painting place! 😀🕺

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