I wasn’t even going to write a blog post tonight.  I was having too much fun this weekend celebrating my hometown at our annual church picnic.  A chunk of my readers are from my hometown, and many of them were also in attendance, so I knew they would understand if I took the week off, since I was having so much fun celebrating.

Then, I noticed online this afternoon that today is National Sister’s Day; an unofficial day to celebrate sisterly bonds.  Since I am all about celebrating whatever there is to celebrate, I wanted to spread the word that today is the day for sisters to connect in yet another way.

I didn’t know that today was such a special day.  I was disappointed in myself at first for being out of the loop, but I let it quickly pass, because I like to make every day Sister’s Day.  Suzanne wasn’t able to join us this weekend, but along with other family, Gail and I celebrated our hometown and our sisterhood at the picnic.


We took the train ride around town, the same train we rode on as kids.



We ate the delicious meal prepared in homemade fashion by the dedicated residents of our hometown.



Illuminated by the brilliant lights of the ball diamond, we took a little walk and  celebrated with our parents by taking them a burger and a beer.  We believe in celebrating however we can, so we do.

We celebrated our hometown in so many other ways, but that may be another blog post for another day.


If you need to reach out to your sister, National Sister’s Day would be the perfect time to do it–or any day, for that matter.   Just so you do it.


Happy Sister’s Day.  I am offering a montage of some of our finer moments as sisters.













Happy Sister’s Day Suzanne and Gail!  You are the best!




2 thoughts on “SISTER’S DAY EVERY DAY

  1. Kathleen so happy to see you at the Church Picnic on Friday and sorry I missed you and Gail on Saturday. Please plan on your next sister trip to be to CA. We live near the beach..

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