Close. Silly. Sweet. Funny. Happy. Tight. Trust.

These are all words I could use to describe my sisters and our relationships with each other. They are all fitting, and they all have five letters.


I am not one to jump on any bandwagons. I carefully decide if a new trend is good for me before I commit, which is why I resisted the new Wordle game and its accompanying craze that seems to be sweeping the nation. I held out, even when my neighbor, whom I walk with many mornings gave me her daily Wordle report. I held out, even though I am a self-professed word nerd. I held out, even though I make my living with words as a writer and a speech therapist. I didn’t get it, and didn’t understand what the fuss was all about.

I do now. So does Gail, and as of this week, Suzanne does, too.

Last month, my husband and I vacationed with his sister and her husband. We were together for a week, and both of them completed the Wordle puzzle early every morning. My curiosity was now piqued, having seen it in action. So, I gave it a whirl, and, along with good coffee, its now part of the reason I can’t wait to roll out of bed every morning.

My husband and I drink strong, black coffee every morning. We both savor its rich, deep taste, and sometimes, before bed, we will remark that we can’t wait to get up in the morning to have coffee. It’s that good. Now, along with the coffee, I can’t wait to get up to do the Wordle puzzle. I pour a cup of coffee upon waking, and head straight for the daily Wordle.

In case you are still resisting–just as I did, there is one five-letter word puzzle posted daily. Just one. You have six tries to guess it. If you miss, it will tell you which letters are in the word, and if they are in the right place.

As of today, I have played 27 games, and have solved all but two. Most days, it requires four attempts for me, but I have got it in as little as two, and as many as six. When it is solved, I feel a rush; a heady thrill, but for just a moment. Then, I realize I have to wait 24 hours for another one.

Oh, sure, I could play one of the multiple knock-off versions that are online, and I could play them all day. but that’s not what I’m in this for. I’m no sell-out, I’m waiting for the real thing. And I only get it once a day, which, because I am human, makes me want it more. As the silly and simple creatures we are, we always want what we can’t have, don’t we?

There is a fascinating Japanese word: ikigai. Its concept translates into your reason for being, your life purpose; your bliss. It is why you get out of bed in the morning.

While Suzanne and I continue to attempt to re-fashion our adult lives into a creation that lets us be who we were meant to be in order to find more reason to get out of bed every morning, Gail seems to continue to find joy in her daily rounds, always choosing optimism and cheer over any unrest about her livelihood, the unrest which has befallen her younger sisters. She rolls out of bed every morning, ready to greet another day with 110 percent. And, along with her coffee, she plays Wordle. I know, because we send each other our puzzles every day after we finish them. Usually around 7 a.m.

They can be shared directly from the web page, with the letters covered, like this:

Or, like we do, you can take a screen shot on your phone and send it that way, which we do, too.

Here is one of my best …and one of my worst.


The daily Wordle posts from the New York Times at midnight. While Gail is often up at that hour, I am not. However, both of us like to save it to kick off our morning with coffee. It is part of our ikigai. Suzanne hasn’t yet found a pattern, but does take a moment to complete it every day.

On the heels of St. Patrick’s Day, I must say there is a five-letter word that describes how I feel to have my sisters: lucky.

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